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I am so sorry to any of my readers for being so remiss in my postings. May has been a crazy month for me health-wise. I am still in the process of seeing doctors to try to figure out what is going on and how to fix it. Also, I am unsure what to post now because I am reading much older books that would be silly to review at this point and haven't seen any recent movies that I am passionate enough about to review. I do hope to see Snow White and the Huntsman soon, so perhaps I will review that. I am torn whether I should post any of my current work on my novel, Gayle. The reason I hesitate is because the work is nowhere near complete and therefore nowhere near being published. So if I post the first chapter or two that is complete and readers enjoy it and want to read the whole story, they will be out of luck because there will be nowhere where they can get it to read. I'm not so naive or overly confident to think that there will be hundreds of people who will be complaining tha…