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A Good Day to Die Hard - sorry for the delay

I finally went to see A Good Day to Die Hard. I was excited to see this movie because I thought that Live Free Die Hard was really good. All I can say now is that the Die Hard franchise should have stopped with Live Free Die Hard. I don't usually rail on movies because I think that most movies have at least some redeemable qualities. While A Good Day to Die Hard does have some crazy action sequences, especially the ones with the helicopter, and Bruce Willis delivers classic John McClane moments, these qualities were not enough to redeem the complete lack of a cohesive driving plot.

In A Good Day, it was nice to see John McClane's kids all grown up and what they are doing with their lives, but I didn't feel any specific chemistry with the actor who played Jack McClane. I thought that the character arcs for Jack and John were completely predictable - I knew Jack was going to forgive his dad by the end of the movie. In Live Free, Willis had much more chemistry with Justin Lon…