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The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel part 2

So I have recently finished Chapter 7 in the Everything Guide which is titled "Getting Characters to Talk" and focuses on the writing of dialogue. Before I go in too deep about what this chapter says, I'd like to say that I personally find dialogue the easiest to write. I listen to a lot of people's conversations in the real world, and I believe it has helped me to write dialogue well/believably. That being said, I also find that I tend to rely on dialogue a lot as I'm writing Gayle (probably because it does come so easily to me), and I struggle to fill the gaps with descriptions and action. I think what has surprised me the most about undertaking writing a novel is how much description and action is needed to make it read and flow well and to not lose the readers. Because I read very well-written books, I don't think I've noticed the extent of those large chunks in between dialogue as a reader. So, here are the major points from Chapter 7 that may come i…