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Man of Steel

I know I've already missed several movies on my bucket list - not sure if anyone is even aware - but I do completely intend to see them. However, today was my husband's birthday and of all the movies on my bucket list that are out in theatres right now that we haven't seen yet, Man of Steel was his hand's down pick so we went to see it today.

Overall, it was amazing. I thought that the effects were just mind blowing - the increases in technology for cgi have made fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero movies miles ahead of what they once were. I also thought that the movie was very well cast. Anyone who read my bucket list saw that one of the main reasons I wanted to see this movie was because of Henry Cavill, and I have to say he didn't disappoint. I thought that Cavill looked very much the part of Superman, but more so, he played Clark Kent/Superman as a very human, very relatable person. The final scene between Superman and General Zod was especially moving. I also thou…