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Aurora, Dark Knight, and Spoilers

I know everyone is talking about this issue, and I know it's been a week basically so I'm a little late to the subject. But I watch a show on Hulu called Spoilers with Kevin Smith. It's a weekly online only show where Kevin Smith takes an audience to see a movie together and then brings them back to do the Spoiler show where they talk about how they felt about that movie. The people in the audience aren't critics; they're normal people who like movies and have opinions. In the most recent episode, Kevin Smith talked about how this most recent episode was supposed to be his favorite because he knew that he was going to see The Dark Knight Rises, and he had been looking forward to it for so long. When the tragedy hit, the people at Spoilers were at a loss as to what to do because the show is normally very upbeat, excited, even silly sometimes about the movies that they see and obviously that wouldn't be appropriate. So Kevin and his people decided to still go see…

Giving my ship a chance to sail

I must think of this blog as a journal, because I do the same thing with journals. I start off with a gung-ho attitude, the best of intentions to write on a regular basis and to put my thoughts to paper.  Then in a few months my entries are fewer and farther between until I feel that I have to write an apology entry for going so long without writing. The sad part of that is, it's a journal - no one is reading it but me, so who am I apologizing to? I wrote an apology post on this blog as well, but let's be honest, with two followers, no one cares that I'm not posting regularly here either. I would feel more worried that I'm not making the commitment to writing on my blog, except for the fact that the reason I'm not writing here is because I'm actually writing a lot more often on my novel. I'm almost to the point where I can plug in some scenes from the short story, and when I do, I'll have over fifty pages written and five chapters done. I'm actually…