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A book review of Water Harvest by Eric Diehl

Water Harvest is an electronic novel that was given to me by the author to review. The book is science fiction in genre and takes place on another planet called Kast'ar.

Kast'ar is orbited by several moons and each of these moons has a colony on it. The colonies aren't able to obtain water from the moons so they take water from Kast'ar. This leaves the inhabitants of Kast'ar to have to combat these harvesters to defend their water supplies for their own survival. The head of the Kast'ar inhabitants is House Alar which is lead by Lord Gar and his son Cairn.

The story begins when the people of Kast'ar are preparing for the Harvest, and they are overrun by one of the lunar colonies led by Teigor Valiir. Valiir uses advanced technology the houses of Kast'ar haven't seen and is able to completely defeat House Alar, taking Lord Gar, Cairn, and Cairn's love, Neilai. Valiir is also aided by a Guild member named Gezladorn who uses certain substances to g…

The Host

Sorry it took me so long to post about The Host. Funds aren't exactly in a place where I can run to the theatre right when a movie comes out. I apologize for its lateness, but here is my review. :)

   Most people know that this movie is based on a Stephanie Meyer science fiction book, and I am sad to report that I was not able to read the book before I went to see the movie. Therefore, I will not be able to compare the movie to its book. However, I do have some things I'd like to highlight about it.

   I am a fan of Meyer's Twilight series, and that was the main reason I decided to see the movie. It was a completely different viewing experience for me compared to Twilight however, because as I said, I had not read the book, The Host. I went into this movie without any idea of how the plot was supposed to go or what happened to the characters. I have to say my ignorance became a pleasant experience after a while because I was not focused on how many things the filmmakers…