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Muse popped in while I was asleep

I had a dream the other night where a young man who had autism found out that federal agents were trying to find him to take him into custody. He thinks it is because his best friend, who also has autism, has been having strange visions and has been afraid that the visions are actually telling him something if he can only figure it out. The young man tries to hide from the agents in his home, and to avoid detection, he has to be very quiet and very still. This is when his own visions begin. The premise is that in the future certain individuals with autism have the capacity to detect subtle and wide-ranging patterns in people and society thereby attaining the possibility to predict the future. I can't tell yet if the government wants to use these individuals for their own gains or if they want to eliminate them because they could potentially predict things that make them a threat. It could probably be both depending on the individual. I really like this idea and could see myself ex…

Making progress

What is it about substitute teaching that makes me write more than anywhere else? Is it the academic setting? Is it the amount of free time I have during prep periods and while waiting for students to complete homework or tests without the possibility of any other distraction? Or is it the big desk without all of the clutter usually found on my own writing desk that just tantalizingly says "wriiiite ..." I wonder what I can do to my own desk/writing room at home to make it as inviting so that I can actually make some real progress on Gayle everyday not just substitute teaching days.

Speaking of Hunger Games

So I finished the entire Hunger Games series a while ago, but when my husband finally decided to give it a try, I picked it back up again so that we could discuss it together. We both really enjoy the series and can't wait till we go see the movie (see my review of the movie coming this Friday). However, I was quite disappointed in how it ended. *SPOILER ALERT* I understand that Katniss went through quite a lot throughout the course of the books and that it had emotional ramifications, but in my opinion, Peeta went through much more than Katniss. Yet he's still able to work through his issues toward some semblance of a normal life. It seems like a bit of a cop out that Gale just goes away, Katniss marries Peeta, and that she finally caves and has children even though she admittedly does it just for Peeta. What is it? Their both so damaged that it forms a bond between them that eventually turns to love? And how can Katniss love someone, let alone live with someone or much wors…

Thoughts on the progress of my novel

I'm currently working on a story - actually writing it. I've only got one chapter finished, and I'm not writing often enough. I get distracted easily with family life (husband and five-year-old son as well as my mom's extended illness and my grandmother now living alone), but I also second-guess my ability too often. It's going to be a novel or series of novels for young adults, a work of fantasy. The story is centered around a young woman of 17 who has a special ability. In this world, the elements of fire, water, and wind can be detected by gifted individuals whom I call Elementals (because they can see the animal representation of the elements and therefore talk to and manipulate them). The protagonist's name is Gayle. I envision (much because I haven't gotten to that part yet) that the conflicts she encounters will be with an authority figure named Lord Stormwind. He has quite a back story as well, and the second book will probably be a prequel about ho…